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The instructor role goes to the parent, giving you supervision duties over your teen&prime's online driver education and driving practice.

The driving practice sessions are at your discretion, of course, but we can fill you in on what our online driving lessons entail.

With driver safety as the top priority, our award-winning defensive driving course offers a state-approved, online Traffic Law and Alcohol course that is required by Florida Law.

Text lessons make up the foundation of our course, and they are enhanced with interactive teaching tools, graphics, videos and audio clips.

The combination serves to keep your teen′s interest as well as get students directly involved in the learning process.

Getting your Florida Learner Permit and Driver license requires skills and responsibility as well as knowledge of and willingness to follow the rules of the road.

Here′s where our Florida Drivers Education comes in.

If you are 15 years of age or older and a Florida resident, you can get your Florida Learner Permit if you provide the following: Your teen may see driving as a gleeful burst of independence, but you as a parent may not be as gung-ho.