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The Office of Adult Education’s vision is a “Fully Literate Georgia” whose workers are exceptionally well prepared to compete in the global marketplace.OAE envisions this “Fully Literate Georgia” emerging as a world leader in economic development, and in the provision of educational programs and services that are seamless in delivery, responsive to the individual needs of students, and designed to overcome barriers to educational access and improve the quality of life of Georgia’s citizens.The Office of Adult Education (OAE) provides adult education throughout the state of Georgia.

Health literacy also encompasses the ability professionals and institutions have for communicating effectively so that community members can make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to advocate for and protect their…

Workplace Education Programs Programs that support Georgia’s workforce are an integral component of the strategic plan for the Technical College System of Georgia/Office of Adult Education.

Of all the playable characters, he is the shortest and the youngest.

He wears a short-sleeved orange and yellow jacket with a green neckerchief over a black shirt, and black gloves with white palms.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Hope has slightly longer hair, retains his yellow wristband, and wears an Academy uniform of a long-sleeved yellow and white coat with a light blue necktie.