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Not all Oxford archives have their own web-site so these pages are designed to give basic information about contacting archives, opening hours, conditions of access, and the things you will and wont find in each repository.

Just click on the name that you need, and you should be linked to the individual page for that archive.

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The Statutes provided for the Warden and forty fellows - all to take Holy Orders; twenty-four to study arts, philosophy and theology; and sixteen to study civil or canon law.

Today the College is primarily an academic research institution at the University of Oxford, having strong ties to the public domain. Balliol College is one of the three colleges which can claim to be the oldest in Oxford.

The modern science of comparative religion is striving, wherever it can, to discover in pagan religions "religio-historical parallels", corresponding to the theoretical and practical elements of Christianity, and thus by means of the former to give a natural explanation of the latter.

Even were an analogy discernible between the Eucharistic repast and the ambrosia and nectar of the ancient Greek gods, or the haoma of the Iranians, or the soma of the ancient Hindus, we should nevertheless be very cautious not to stretch a mere analogy to a parallelism strictly so called, since the Christian Eucharist has nothing at all in common with these pagan foods, whose origin is to be found in the crassest idol- and nature-worship.

It is the Church alone, "the pillar and ground of truth ", imbued with and directed by the Holy Spirit , that guarantees to her children through her infallible teaching the full and unadulterated revelation of God.