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Tuitt denied the majority of the allegation, admitting only to urinating in the trash can on one occasion.

At a Jeongeup boarding school in Seoul, South Korea, a 44-year-old teacher identified only as Mr.

Ron Tuitt, 56, who taught second grade in the Paterson Public School District in New Jersey, was placed on administrative leave in November 2010 after it came to light that he used his classroom as a restroom on numerous occasions.

Although it’s uncertain how any living creature can be teased to death, Mr.

Yu believed that eating the hamster in front of the children would teach them not to bully.

Upon countless witness reports from students in the class and parents demanding answers, Hansen was eventually arrested for disorderly conduct and resigned from Southington High School the following week.

Shortly before noon one day in March 2014, police spotted a pickup truck driving erratically in York, Pennsylvania.

Yu was later released with a warning from police and school officials.