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From Bern to Spiez | 11 Facts and figures Elevation in Bern: 540,2 m above sea level (the lowest point on the Lötschberger route is after Münsingen near Wichtrach: 530.1 m above sea level) Elevation in Thun: 563 m above sea level Elevation in Spiez: 627,7 m above sea level Length of route: 41,00 km The Lötschberger train stops in: Bern, Münsingen, Thun und Spiezm. From Bern to Spiez | 135 Thun 89 10 Spiez 6 7 8 Zweisimmen Brig1 Bantiger 5 Thun You can see this mountain, with its striking As the train arrives, passengers are welco-196 m tall radio mast, on the left-hand side med with a glimpse of Thun Castle on thenear Ostermundigen.

left.2 Wittigkofen 6 Stockhorn The high-rise buildings in Wittigkofen on the The mighty Stockhorn mountain rangeright-hand side were shown off at EXPO towers up behind Thun on the right.1964 as examples of excellent Swiss urbanplanning.

It is hard tobelieve that people more than 100 years ago were able to build suchimpressive constructions as the Kander Viaduct, for example, or thehorseshoe loops round the Felsenburg. Even if I am planning an excursion with my friends,we usually stay in the Lötschberger region.

Whether you go off into the Simmen-, Kander- or Lötschental – there is always so much to see andenjoy. S.* Boltigen Weissenbach Grubenwald* Zweisimmenkm 0 5 7 9 11 14 16 18 21 23 26 29 32 35‰ 9 15 15 13 25 25 15 11 25Altitude profile for the Lötschberger line from Spiez to Zweisimmen, showing tunnels* Stop on request8 | The Lötschberg mountain route | The train 115 CONNECTING UNESCO WORLD HERITAGESMst.

Climb aboard the train and get to know this region – I lookforward to meeting you». 1st class carriage multi-purpose compartment for luggage, bikes and winter sports equipment space for wheelchair passengers toilets with disabled access The train | The Lötschberg montain route | 9The Regio Express Lötschberger train between Lalden and Brig The BLS Lötschberger trains were specially acquired and fitted out for use on the tra- ditional Lötschberg mountain route and in the Simmental.