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Some men walk all over their women, which pisses me off, but I often thought that the woman was too submissive. As long as you guys know I was RIGHT to begin with! Being 'submissive' to me, means that the 'best opinion' rules....of the time, when it comes to home repair, car fixing, even some meals...guys have the upper hand... I just think it would be nice for a change to have a MAN instead of the ones I have had experiences with.BUT, if comes down to my personal dignity and choices....I will NOT sacrifice my personal happiness to anyone....should it be asked of me...'submissive' can be mistaken for 'weak'....that us women are NOT! I have only had 2 relationships in my life, but the men were both what some would refer to as "whipped" I just think it would be nice to have someone who knows how to "take care" of a woman, instead of me having to come up with all of the answers ALL of the time.

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I have too many other worries in life to also have time to be "the Boss" of my woman too.

Don't call me old fashioned, I actually respect women.

Input should be gained from and respected by both parties with a mutual understanding/agreement taking place. submissive=submitting without objection or resistance, passive, biddable, docile, obedient..2008...location united states...behavior-objectionable...passive-only when i'm sleeping...biddable-you scratch my back and i'll even do yours first...docile-as a panther...obedient-not since i was 16 or so.... While I like the "old fashioned way of life" too, I also like to give my input sometimes too.

OP, I do suppose that, in a time of a "standoff", someone has to make a decision and my ego is certainly stroked when I am deferred to as the ultimate decision-maker. OP-you mean you just don't like clingy, whinning, mamas' boys? On the other hand wouldnt mind "playing" the part of a "do as your told" sometimes. I may get slammed here but what is wrong with a woman wanting a man to be the dominant one in a relationship?

I think being old fashioned is somewhat similar but not to that extreme.