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Desiring to populate his new fortified town, the Count enacted in 1161 a charter granting privileges to many people: the town prospered and there embraced a ...

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This suffix is used to denote a set of trees belonging to the same species While not yet a town at the time of Julius Caesar, the region was occupied by the Nerviens.

Near the Fauroeulx gate of the town in 1933, Roman pottery was discovered.

Today, economic activity is mainly based on tourism and local shops.

The town with its ramparts, its castle ponds and its history (including the Revolutionary Armed bivouac and the New Zealanders Monument on the border of Valenciennes) are major attractions.

Around the year 842 at the time of King Charles the Bald, they were blocked at Valenciennes, as the river became too narrow for their boats.

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    Römermuseum Xanten: Eine interessante Zeitreise mit vielen Funden aus der römischen Zeit bietet der archäologische Park in Xanten.

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    The company's share price plummeted last week amid concerns about possible fraud that's cost pensioners dearly.