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On the way to Bangalore, their car stops and Gautam asks for a lift and they accept and that is where he was kidnapped. In order to meet Gautham, Nithya escapes from the wedding and ends up asking the kidnapper for a lift.

After a big fight between Gautam and the kidnapper, it is revealed that the kidnapper was looking for the one who gave Gautam a lift not Gautam. After a whole confusion, Nithya unites with Gautham.

The Kannada version of the film was titled as Bhale Jodi and directed by Sadhu Kokila.

A Hindi Sequel has been planned, which would be directed by Nandini Reddy. Gautham (Nani) is abducted by John Abraham (Ashish Vidyarthi).

Since it involves casting a notable actor, it is a big decision to the producer. Then I spoke to Asish Vidyardhi and narrated the script. Scrat – Ramesh I used to love the scrat character in Ice Age movie.

Scrat character has nothing to do with the story of Ice Age, but creates chaos. Producer Damu suggested that we should have a guy hit with recession.

I watched a film titled 'In July' in my initial days.