Dating violence education programs

Topics are related to building healthy relationships, bullying, gender roles and stereotypes, domestic and dating violence, friendships, peer pressure, expressing emotions appropriately, conflicts and disagreements, hands are not for hitting, respecting differences, and school safety.

Presentations are tailored to the developmental level of students in each grade.

In the name of transparency, I pushed for a list of anti-violence programs getting funding, though the office is continuing to collect more data, and numbers are bound to change before it wraps up the evaluation next summer.

If that sounds like a condemnation of the people leading the current evaluation at the newly formed Office of Violence Prevention, or of this administration, it’s not.

I’m frustrated and disgusted at accountability that is years and administrations overdue.

Since then, 100 people have been killed in the city.

Philadelphia has lost 249 people to homicide so far this year; at least 999 have been shot, according to the latest figures from the Police Department.

The amount is lower now, as the office digs deeper into the programs.