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His definition was, 'The qualities of females,' so basically feminism to Noah Webster meant femaleness. "We had no idea he was the original dictionary source of feminism.

We do see evidence that the word was used in the 19th century in a medical sense, for the physical characteristics of a developing teenager, before it was used as a political term, if you will." Webster added the word in revisions to his "An American Dictionary of the English Language." They were his last. We don't have a lot of evidence of what he was looking at," Sokolowski said.

To do otherwise is to concede the patriarchy and, with it, the core of feminist ideology. As the repulsiveness of gender feminism increases, the number of women identifying as feminists is falling.

Inclusiveness allows feminism to hollow itself out, while providing a humane alternative which focusses instead on healing divisions and building equality between men and women. Not the alienating awareness of angry bitterness, or the stultifying awareness of lobotomised half truth.

The Everyday Sexism Project, for example, is a popular feminist advocacy website founded by British feminist writer Laura Bates, who describes its purpose as being:…