Did blake lively dating leonardo dicaprio

But as Reynolds revealed in a recent interview, he and Blake didn't start dating until several months later - and they didn't let the fact that they were both seeing other people get in the way of their romance: "About a year afterhad come and gone and we were both single we went on a double date – she was on a date with another guy and I was on a date with another girl – and it was like the most awkward date for the respective parties because we were just like fireworks coming across." It may sound like a typical meet-cute story, and the fact that they met while on a double date with other people only makes Ryan and Blake marginally less boring, but some amateur Internet sleuths have picked up on the fact that the "fireworks" may have gone off around the time that Blake was dating Leonardo Di Caprio.

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Vanity Fair sort of breezes through the rest of the cast in order to get right to Blake Lively, and thank GOD they did, because we found out some weird-ass dating ritual Blake would do with her one-time boyfriend Leonardo Di Caprio. episodes, Blake was dating [Di Caprio] at the time, and she had this thing where she had a doll that she took photos of that she sent to Leo. Why didn’t you use some of your investigative journalism chops on THAT, Vanity Fair?!

Blake was filming a movie and, because she’s the only person on the cast who mattered, they shifted “We learned a lot from Blake,” [Joshua] Safran said. Actually, depending on the lighting, it could be hard to tell the difference between plastic fake Blake and real Blake.

“When I think about shooting the LA episodes, Blake was dating [Di Caprio] at the time,” Safran shared, “and she had this thing where she had a doll that she took photos of that she sent to Leo.” Though he didn’t give any insight as to what sort of doll it was or why exactly the 30-year-old felt compelled to share pics of it with her bae, the TV insider credits the actress for ultimately influencing the show by being ahead of the curve. She was documenting her life [through] photographs in a way that people were not yet doing,” he recalled.

Ultimately, however, the inside joke wasn’t enough to keep Di Caprio and Lively together: The union lasted just a few months before fizzling out, and she went on to marry Ryan Reynolds. What do you think about the fact that Blake Lively sent Leonardo Di Caprio pics of a doll while they were dating?

So maybe she was just trying to hold on to Leo by showing him that he was getting a two-for-one special on blondes by dating her?