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How much will depend partly on what you have lost financially in terms of salary, fees etc.

You may also receive an injury to feelings award and a few other smaller awards You may appeal against the decision of the employment tribunal within 14 days of the date written reasons for the decision were sent to you.

If your employer does not respond, the employment tribunal may issue a judgement against your employer without a hearing.

This meeting is for the Employment Judge to set dates for future meetings to disclose documents, exchange witness statements and for the hearing itself.

Seventy-three Labour MPs, led by shadow minister for diverse communities Dawn Butler, have signed a joint letter to David Lidington claiming the damage caused by workplace tribunal fees ‘has already been done’ More than 70 MPs have called on the Justice Secretary to refund workers who have not been able to bring forward employment cases in recent years due to high tribunal fees, following a Supreme Court ruling that the fees were unlawful.