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I would like to play around with this technology myself, but I don't have much knowledge about artificial intelligence algorithms and I don't have much free time right now, so at least I hope to follow developments in this new graphics technique and update this list of related links. So even if using it does not require in-depth knowledge about programming or neural networks, this is not just an application that we could download and launch.

Update 2015-07-06: I came back after the weekend and I can see that the algorithm keeps spreading across the Internet like crazy. I've spent today evening trying to set this up on my Windows, but I didn't succeed.

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(), Ymir's blood () Anastasia Beaverhausen (), Ari (), Crumb (), Dingfod (), erimir (), Janet (), Lady Shea (), livius drusus (), Pan Narrans (), Sharon Dee (), Ymir's blood () Okay, I read that whole thing and my mind is blowing right now.

Whenever I have done ye old psychedelics, I'm always like "what is this, i don't even..." because it's like, what is that even?

Is it the regular stuff on overdrive, or something external? I mean nobody knows how they really work (like the article said), but I know how to build them and train them.

My masters thesis is in computer vision and I extremely understand the research in the paper.

In the case of vision, it is quite close to how we see and its actions are similar to psychedelics which shut down specific dampening systems in your brain allowing the signals to go wild and feedback into themselves which not only strengthens them but gives you repeating images. The dream program seems to be fixated on the idea of edge detection and object recognition through specified networks that hunt for that object, which is an awesome start but theres still lots more to go to fully replicate vision and psychedelics cause a number of effects not seen here because its not a complete simulation, but for the first time giving a computer drugs I say its worked quite well.

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