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"; or just generally haven't made up their minds about what they need. -- Anonymous On being a long-distance grandma/grandpa/auntie/uncle without growing estranged: My way of keeping a close relationship with my five grandkids is to have a journal for each child.

People often speak of the archetypal lone career woman who is highly accomplished yet barren in her love life, and I could see myself gradually trawling into this direction.

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(I’m quoted in this month’s issue of Her World Singapore by the way. ) Not too long ago, I went on a world trip for seven months without any companion or itinerary, basically creating my agenda on the fly.

Depending on how things go, I’m possibly going on another long trip this year, scouring places like India, South Africa, and South America.

Often we of few syllables manage to maintain our patience for the first five or 10 rudderless calls of the day. It has been a great way to get alone time on the phone and certainly when I visit.

On my recent visit, the 13-year-old asked if I'd brought the journal with me because he had new info. Something else I do to stay involved: I have my daughters e-mail me the spelling test for the week.

I can understand the source of these comments, for I’ve achieved certain noteworthy milestones in my life.