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” I thought, “I wish that still happened, somewhere on earth.” Then, I found out there was a traditional Latin Mass at St.

When we went on our first date, I told him how I loved this Mass, and said he was welcome to come any Sunday. However, it was Palm Sunday, and he didn't know that meant a two hour liturgy, followed by a Gregorian chant procession through the city streets, and an hours-long brunch, quaintly termed “coffee hour”. HOW THE LATIN MASS DEEPENED MY FAITH: At first, I was fascinated by the concept of Mass in an ancient and otherwise silent language. If you get lost in prayer, or reading and re-reading one part while everyone else has moved on, or you forget to care what the words mean when the chant takes your breath away, then, in my mind, you really have met the goal. I would say that I think it's critical for the formation of a healthy relationship.

If you use sex from the start as a means of fixing fights or providing entertainment when you're bored, I think you cheat yourself of a lot of information.

Nevertheless, at the behest of Pope John Paul II, in bishops' palaces around the world a grudging ‘accommodation' was made to those faithful who were — albeit inexplicably — still ‘attached' to the old Form of the Mass. I am from Connecticut — Peter is from the Boston area originally, but moved to Connecticut to work for the Knights of Columbus Headquarters in New Haven, CT.

(In this way, it was to be hoped, the old Mass would quietly die out with those die-hards in the old generation.)Herewith then, is the story of a young couple, amid photos of their magnificent wedding that ‘all the best people' would never have believed possible — in Latin, in Connecticut, in 2013. We got engaged on our one year anniversary, at church after the Easter Vigil Mass, at the stroke of midnight.

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