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Please submit your project proposal for the EMARE residency exchange to before the deadline on 20 November. We are looking forward to your application through The residency exchange takes place after the selection of Mexican artists by the European institutions and the selection of European artists by the Mexican institutions.The exact timing and length of the residencies will be decided upon in accordance with each individual institute.

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Jameel, de regisseur van het collectief, is in Nederland om acte de presence te geven op het Impakt Festival in het PANORAMA EVENT #3: RIGID REGIMES: Een satirische benadering van het systeem is in Syrië bepaald geen lichtvoetige zaak.

Te midden van de dreigende politieke situaties probeert het collectief Masasit Mati desondanks een glimlach te verzorgen met hun online videoserie Top Goon.

LEZING “Media art as a study of the urban environment — experience in creating festivals.

MATRIX CITY“ PANEL DISCUSSIE “MEDIA CULTURE AND INTERDISCIPLINARY PRACTICE: PROBLEMS OF TEACHING” Deelnemers: Raivo Kelomees, Arjon Dunnewind, Olga Shishko, Olga Lukyanova, Olof van Winden, Maksim Rumyantsev, Natalia Kochorashvily IMPAKT SCREENINGPROGAMMA: Hello – Matthijs Vlot (Nederland 2012, 2 min) The Third Man – Erik Bünger (Nederland / Duitsland / Zweden, 2010, 50 min) You as an Anarchistic Dynamo in the Coordinate System – Linda Franke (Nederland / Duitsland 2012, 23 min) Lees meer op de Pro&Contra website.

NL vertoont Impakt haar DEUS presentaties op grote urban screens op het Jaarbeursplein in Utrecht en ook op de treinstations in Eindhoven, Den Haag, Breda en Amersfoort.

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    Red Flag #3 They get easily annoyed, defensive or argumentative.

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    Paulda is an El Paso native who learned the craft and art of photography around the world, winning internationl awards.

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