Pagdating ng panahon keyboard chords

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Songs include "Nice, Nice, Very nice".."Time Waits For No One"..( Not the STONES song ).....anyone who has any information about this please contact me.

Currently we only support You Tube videos, but we will be adding other video (and audio!

F I start to cry C/E I'm alone again Dm Bb I try so hard not Bb to fall in love C/E But here I am Gm And you couldn't F C/E even pretend Gm That you cared if F C/E A this was the end Chorus: Dm All the things you said to me Won't even matter Bb Do what you want Cause I'm not gonna F save you baby C/E What's going on?

Dm We don't care We don't fight Bb We don't even know what's wrong or F right now baby C/E What's going on? Verse 2: Dm Bb There's nothing else F C/E I can say What can I do?

The social impact and innovations of the Juan Dela Cruz Band inadvertently became the catalyst for the inception of Original Pilipino Music and the viability for diverse, original and previously unformulated musical genres to emerge and thrive in the Philippines.

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