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Nevertheless, they have endured and grown as a couple, but glaring issues still remain. Ish put it, will this be the end or the start of a new beginning? Kail and Javi rekindle their fiery argument over their custody battle for Lincoln that sends tears and fears flying throughout Boot Camp.Javi and Kailyn's shocking test results from the lie detector test cast doubt on their co-parenting future. It’s time for the doctors to role up their sleeves and get to work!

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Kail and Javi's co-parenting dream is on the verge of collapse.

With Judge Toler watching from the wings, she jumps in to slap them out of their hard-headed ways.

Will their hatred for each other overpower the love they have for their son?

Peter comes clean to Amina about his nighttime calls to Tara, but his honesty only pushes her further away.

Will they be able to forgive one another and create a positive environment for their child, Lincoln? The couples reveal their relationship deal breaker with surprising truths exposed.