Single coil pickup ohm

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The higher output single coils have more bite and definition whilst still giving the distinctive strat tone that I was looking for.

I mainly play blues so these suit me perfectly for that SRV sound but the clean tone of these pickups is fantastic – think ‘Coming Back to Life’ by Pink Floyd.

This effectively means that the signal produced by the vibrating string is unchanged, whereas the hum signal produced by pickup of stray magnetic fields is reversed (remember that the string signal is produced by the interaction of the magnet and the coil, but the hum is purely picked up by the coil).

When the signals from the two coils are mixed together, the signal from the vibrating strings is effectively twice that of a single coil, but the hum signal is reduced to almost zero, as the hum signal from the two coils have opposite polarities.

Typical values can range from about 1k (1000 ohms) up to about 15k (15000 ohms).