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Instead, his reply was "everything is always up for discussion". You're free to receive and texts during your session, but expect a conversation about it !:) I like this type of philosophy as it keeps the communication flowing.

So answer your phone or don't, and we'll explore together how that choice is working for you.

A quick side note: I'm not Jungian, but I'm often amazed at the synchronicity facilitated by the phone-on policy. It's almost enough to get me to tackle the Red Book.

If a client regularly has her phone and feels the urgency to send and receive texts immediately, let's experience it together in session. We'll discuss what the communication was, why it's taking place now, how it feels to do this during therapy and what impact it has on our connection.

That's what we do in therapy, talk about the here-and-now, and if the here-and-now includes interruption from a buddy's "whazzup?

If I feel like the texts prevent me from connecting with the client, I'm going to share that, too.