Updating vmware tools Chachurika piris sex

The next command did this for them: Get-Resource Pool “name resourcepool” | Get-VM | Update-Tools -noreboot As you can see it’s a very basic command and can be easily used by any administrator.

updating vmware tools-17

Note: As Duncan wrote in a article back in 2008, the reboot needed after updating the VMware tools isn’t for the tools itself, but for the OS that needs to load the new drivers.

So when you want to quickly update your VMware tools without a reboot, then you can use the command showing above.

But if you want a command or script that can skip powered off or already up to date VM’s then you will have to search a bit further on the internet :)Also feel free to reply any addition to the command or other example scripts.

Update: From Charl Pels I received the following command Get-VM | where-object | % | where | Update-Tools -noreboot This command should only update those servers that are currently powered on and have a older version of the VMware tools.

3D acceleration is not in any way related to vmware tools or open-vm-tools for linux guests.