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Providing groovy respite from the deluge of baby pictures and high school portraits At SCA we’re dedicated to promoting arts and culture on campus.

As American culture peaked in the 1980s, I figured it was pretty important that we highlighted a couple of the best songs that decade had to offer.

I have no sisters and one older brother named Emmet who is in college. I have a desk, bed, clothes chest, and a hook rug my mom made with a picture of a deer. Above my bed on the wall is my most important personal item, a poster of Jimmy Stewart in the movie which only I can touch.

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When they gave me the tape recorder last night, Dad put the microphone in my hand and looked at me very seriously and said that this was the future and that he and everything he represents was a dinosaur. In the street Lewis Nordine is flying a model airplane on a set of control lines.

I asked Mom what he meant and she said it was the eggnog. just me, the recorder, and the extension cord, which I will call the tether of life.     Looking around from this position, I can see almost the entire street. Unknown to him, his big brother Jim appears to be shooting at the plane with a BB gun from their attic window.

I gave Dad a bottle of Old Spice and a pair of Totes, and Mom a nonstick spatula set.

    I am in the eighth grade at Germantown Friends School which is run by the Quakers.

Its Thursday again, which means you survived third week (almost), and the weekend is fast approaching.