Who is oprah dating in 2016

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Also, to the delight of fans, she twerked alongside Beyoncé in Lemonade, further reinforcing that her sexy is as strong as her game.

Apparently, Chadwick Boseman is every (black) man because he has deftly depicted our most talented—from Jackie Robinson and James Brown to jurist Thurgood Marshall.

It’s especially critical information for residents in Chicago, and Carruthers continues to lead by example: This summer, she also organized a march to Chicago police headquarters to demand alternatives to traditional policing. Carruthers is national director of Black Youth Project 100, a Chicago-based organization that has been on the front lines of confronting police brutality in the city.

Her brilliance continues to make Hollywood a bigger, starrier, more inclusive place.

But Boseman also dazzles in the mystical realm, portraying the Black Panther, first in Captain America: Civil War and next in his own vehicle, set to hit theaters in February.