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Aside from You Tube, he also appeared in the Band Aid 2014 "Do they Know It's Christmas" charity single, and he made a voice cameo in The Sponge Bob Movie: Sponge Out of Water movie.

It may only be a small country, but the UK is home to some of the biggest You Tubers in the world.

From superstar vloggers like Zoella, to superstar singers like Adele, there are a huge amount of Brits with millions of You Tube subscribers whose videos have been viewed — in some cases — billions of times.

5.3 million total subscribers 13.4 million total views 841 influencer score Deji Olantunji is the London-based You Tuber behind Comedy Shorts Gamer.

His videos see him commentating games, pranking his family, and delivering shouty straight-to-camera comedy.

5.3 million subscribers 1.2 billion views 817 influencer score The Wroetoshaw (or W2s) channel belongs to 18-year-old Harry Robertson, one of the biggest FIFA soccer video game vloggers on You Tube.